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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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April 01, 2007


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Yesterday, I thought that the cartoon page could use a bit of relish on the side and sent this email to JP (cc: Peter Duesberg and fwd to a few with a note about the desire for a little garnish so to speak)

"& this is *no* april's fool joke either" went the subject line, and the body text continued:

"& don't pretend you don't know what the 'either' is and have not looked at ybyl today (yet)

if you are skilled sufficent to use pub med, search "seeman and bialy, phenothiazine" .. the paper, which was written when you still needed pablum, has received more citations than all your worthless papers combined, and continues to...that is what a significant piece of science looks like sr. wannabe

and you will also discover that there are compounds much more potent than thorazine. perhaps you need to tell your shrink so he can prescribe them"

Well it took a bit longer than usual, but just a little while ago, I received my wish, as JP wrote me the best he could come up with after 24/7 thought (but what can one expect from the 'inventor' of microbicides?):

The distinguished professor of immunology to bespotted me:

"I suppose when one has done so little in one's career, one is forced to emphasize what little one has done. What was it Churchill said about Attlee? "Well, he may be a modest man, but that's because he so much to be modest about". Of course it doesn't really apply to you, because you are not remotely modest, just a retiree scientist with a wasted career in which you accomplished nothing of significance - I expect that frustration is at the root of your psychological problems. Ah, well, not much can be done about that now! Keep taking the mind-altering drugs, old chap"

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