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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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May 06, 2007


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Lee Evans

Let me say a few words on behalf of, and to, the real Obama.

There is no shame in admittiing that you made a mistake. You are obviously a very intelligent man with a heart that seems mostly in the right place. It takes a big jolt of one kind or another to open your eyes to the "AIDS lie" when every newspaper, briefing report and television program tells you different. And even when your eyes are opened, it still takes a lot of effort to make up your own mind about what is really so.

But believe me brother Obama, it is worth it. For one thing, people everywhere would rally to your candidacy because there is nothing more courageous, or rare, than a politician who admits they were mistaken about something. And your courage would ignite a firestorm of truth that would sweep around the world.

I hope you are listening.

Peace & Love,

Lee Evans

Keidi Awadu

Kudos to Lee Evans for taking the bold position to constructively criticize our beloved brother, Barak Obama. While we can appreciate his positive spirit and outlook that people can overcome poverty of the spirit and pessimism about our national ambitions, when it comes to the lives of hundreds of thousands of Africans who would be disaffected by an inaccurate portrayal of disease on the continent, Obama has bought, hook, line and sinker, the Malthusian line on African sexuality, cultural norms and natural fertility patterns.

The facts are there for Obama to discover that challenges to Africa development are more relative to infrastructure development, sanitation, improved nutrition and access to quality healthcare.

Sen. Obama, Africa needs trade, not aid, especially in the form of condoms, highly questionable antibody assays and anti-retroviral chemicals.

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