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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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June 12, 2008


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Anthony Fauci

Shut De Cock up!

Bob Jello

No! Tie De Cock up and poke him with pointy sticks!

Mark Winegoggler

No - stick De Cock in a giant condom to arrest any more "dribbling"!


De Cock AND De Lay?

Is this a for real? These guys with these names are at the helm of all this?

So, is Lady Deadlock about to make a statement as well?

How totally Dickensian...

John Polonius Moore

While I won't debate De Cock (he tends to shrink a bit), you have deliberately misunderestimated De Cock's position. De Cock isn't on the right or the left but down the middle - a very uncomfortable position for the unfortunate member. He still maintains this position - that HIV is a deadly disease and eventually everyone is going to succumb.

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