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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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July 18, 2008


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Great post! That there is no HIV in the blood (or anywhere else) is the elephant standing in the room. They know this, the dissidents know this. But AIDS is a war against Gays, Blacks, and non-gay drug addicts. There never will be a vaccine because you have to have a virus before you can have a vaccine.

Willy Burt

C'mon guys. Don't you know how rapidly the virus mutates to avoid detection?


Sure, Willy. To the last decimal point:

Thanks for asking.


Dr. Fauci has called for NEW people with NEW IDEAS.The fmr US Surgeon Gen. Dr. Elders has regretted my treatment and Noam Chomsky said my theory could be of phenomenal importance to the human race. I am a published scientist who has been blacklisted because I would not lie. I emailed Dr. Fauci ,TWICE , pointing out new ideas and credentials , but he has not replied . Should he have? See the emails on my website in the green box marked August 2008 emails to Dr. Fauci. Was he telling the truth or posing for the media? What do you think ? Thank you. E.A.Greenhalgh

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